Located on Lake Muskoka – Canada’s most affluent cottage country, the Bala Bay Inn is Muskoka’s premier destination for a Great Meal, and a Great Time. Outfitted with new beds & linens our 35 eclectic hotel rooms offer travelers affordable style. Being the oldest brick hotel in Muskoka with the ‘Longest Martini List’; just about everyone who has been “Up North” has passed thru her doors and has a story to tell. Concert goers patronizing the Canadian landmark, “The Kee”, across the street make up most of the weekend clientele turning our 120 seat patio into party central. Our “Ghosts” dining room hosts many weddings on weekends, and is open to the public for evening service all other days of the week. The Lux Lounge, with plush couches and chaise lounges caters to quiet interludes, private parties and small weddings. Total dining capacity is 400.

We believe in striving to provide clean, affordable and comfortable accommodation; amazing service and phenomenal food for all our guests.

We start to look at candidates in January & February.  Returning staff have been asked to let us know of their plans by the end of January.  We hire and interview through out Febrary & March. and set aside last weekend in February to conduct interviews at our Toronto office. Positions are available from approx. May 1st until the week after Thanksgiving which is the infamous “Cranberry Festival” weekend.  These positions are usually best suited to students enrolled in Hotel coop programs.  We also have employment starting  the 3rd week in June until Labour Day (1st week in September).

Click on the job titles below to view a full job description. Please email your resume to info@balabayinn.com, making sure to include which position(s) you are applying for. Be sure to let us know the best time of day to reach you by phone.

How We Treat Our Staff:

We have a progressive, encouraging and caring performance culture that both drives and nurtures our team members to set and attain personal goals. We are sensitive to employee needs and proud of the tight knit family atmosphere that has developed amongst the staff.

Why Bala Bay Inn is a Great Place to Work?

  1. Bala Bay Inn is really busy! Great tips – if you work hard you’ll make great money.
  2. Dedicated management means excellent staff training in the kitchen & on the floor
  3. Professional – high standards in the kitchen & Ghosts Diningroom
  4. It’s a ton of fun in Canada’s premier playground for the rich & famous.
  5. Good staff meals at good discounts. (50% off while working, 25% anytime)
  6. Staff Events planned: Wakeboarding & tubing days, staff appreciation parties with great prizes
  7. Great resume builder, excellent experience at a small boutique hotel with opportunities to cross train in different departments with advancement potential
  8. Staff is a mixture of many ages but mostly 18 to 35 who have fun at work and after work.
  9. Year end recognition awards & buffet dinner put the employees in the spot light.
  10. Bonuses for name mentions on comment cards

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